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Denis Healey: Furniture of the Mind

Eight students from three different disciplines – media practice and theory, art history and history – worked together to curate this interactive multimedia exhibition, using Lord Healey’s photographs as a starting point to examine his life and times. With this first large scale exhibition to be held in the Sussex Creativity Zone the students are paving the way for future projects. The venture has been a fantastic success in encouraging valuable connections between the different disciplines and schools whilst establishing important contacts between the University and local businesses. Under the guidance of experienced tutors, the students have had the opportunity to develop research and project management skills within a professional environment, skills that will enhance their university experience and be beneficial to their future projects

Denis Healey has taken photographs since he received a Brownie 2A box camera at eleven years old. This exhibition, curated by University of Sussex students, showcases, through his photographs, his affinity with people from all walks of life and from all around the world.

Instantly recognisable, his photographic portraits of well-known political figures and personalities see Healey capturing a different, more candid side of his famous subjects. From a meditative Golda Meir, to a college-aged Condoleeza Rice, these images give us an insider’s perspective of political life during Healey’s era.

It is in the intimate scenes of his family life that Healey’s true passions are most evident: the Arts are as important to him as politics. His home life with his wife Edna and their children has always been his priority, and their love of nature and the outdoors is evident.