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Creativity Cafe - Brighton Science Festival 2008

Following on from last year’s success at the Brighton Science Festival, Peter Childs and Diane Brewster, from the InQbate team, ran a ‘creativity café’ again this year at the “White Heat” Family day on 23rd Feb. Their workshop was situated right next to the actual café for the event so they were never short of customers! The participants were asked to design a “concept chair” – something new, innovative and different. For many of the children the idea of their “dream” chair was particularly inspirational; although it may be a while before major stores are stocking chairs with attached swimming pools or jet propulsion, the design with an integrated chocolate biscuit dispenser might just be a winner!

Once the initial sketches had been done, the challenge was then to make a model of their chair, in card and paper, which was strong enough to hold a coffee mug full of sweets – which were also liberally given out at the end as prizes for those who rose to the challenge. There were lots of interesting conversations about how you might really make the actual chair, the materials that could be used and the ways to add strength to ensure a collapse-free experience.