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Three dimensional learning project

Arnold Daghani Collection Seminar

17th January 2007

University of Sussex Library, Special Collections, second floor

Arnold Daghani (1909-85) came from a German-speaking Jewish family in Suczawa, in the Bukovina, then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now Suceava, Romania. The Arnold Daghani Collection, donated to the University of Sussex, is made up of over 6,000 artworks, writings and documentation including original watercolours made secretly in the Mikhailowka slave labour camp and the Bershad ghetto (1942-3) together with later figurative and abstract works on themes of migration, memory and pictorial narrative.

‘Three-Dimensional Learning: Interacting with artefacts and exploring new assessment methods’ is a CDF project run by Deborah Schultz and Chana Moshenska that offers supervised access to/extra seminars in the Collection for teaching programmes. In contrast to conventional two-dimensional teaching methods based around lectures, seminars and printed matter, this project offers students the opportunity to have direct contact with artefacts. By shifting from two to three-dimensional learning, our hypothesis is that students enter a new level of engagement with the material and gain greater critical understanding. They reach both a deeper level of learning and a higher level of reflection.

Our further aim is to widen access to the Collection and offer seminars to students in other areas. How, for example, might students in film, photography or studio-based courses respond to these visual works? For students in law and medicine the Collection raises ethical questions, while for those in the humanities it relates to language and representation. You may find that you would be able to use the Collection in your courses, thereby developing more creative teaching and learning methods.