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The specific focus of InQbate is creativity, how to encourage it, teach it, and use it to transform our teaching and learning. Our vision is encapsulated by a key phrases found in the subject benchmark for Engineering and Design -core subjects behind the project at both universities - ‘Be creative in the solution of problems and in the development of designs.’

Generative activity forms the focus and characteristic of InQbate, with our inherent creative nature augmented by the appropriate use of technology. InQbate offers opportunities to explore the creative space of our planet and our minds. It offers an environment within which generative thoughts are welcome. It enables pathways and communication opportunities to enhance the creative process.

Creativity is perhaps the most prized human attribute and an essential element of the design process, so it is unsurprising that for centuries we have attempted to enhance and mimic these powers with technology. Our vision includes technologically rich, but not technology driven learning spaces which free teachers and learners from the constraints of the traditional lecture hall and seminar room.

One of our Sussex students, David Howard, asked if he could use the creativity zone, in particular its lighting capabilities, to take a series of images for a photomontage project.

David says “I used lots of layers, 3 for each stage and also 4 for the background. Using the creativity zone helped with the photos I took as the single colour background was easy edit and remove. The lights set a nice colour tone on the skin and clothes which meant when I contrasted the images they came out brilliantly. About a year ago I was experimenting a technique called displacing and created a image which i could use in many different ways to displace other images. That is how I got the unusal, almost fire like edges on the images. Using a selection of grundge brushes I have downloaded from the net I created the background, and many many more effects all over the piece rounded off what so far is my best work”.