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InQbate: The Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Creativity is a Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE ) joint initiative between the Universities of Sussex and Brighton. The CETL initiative had two main aims; to reward excellent teaching practice, and to further invest in that practice so that the CETLs funding delivers substantial benefits to students, teachers and institutions.

It was a two stage, highly competitive, bidding process, at the end of which 74 CETLs were created nationally, of which only 19 are collaborative, the rest are single institution. In total they will receive £315 million in funding over 5 yrs - which represents HEFCE’s largest ever single funding initiative in teaching and learning.

The Sussex / Brighton bid was won by a team, principally from the departments of Engineering and Design and Informatics after a competitive, two stage, process. InQbate received two million pounds capital funding, for the refit of two Creativity Zones , and £350,000 annual recurrent funding for the Creativity Development Fund and staffing costs.

About Us